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Blue-tagging Items for Gems/Reforge

Topics: Rawr.Base, Rawr.Base.Items
Dec 25, 2010 at 2:57 PM

It seems that Shift-clicking on items in the gear lists now not only locks in the gem selection but also the reforging option for the item as well.  I use the blue-tag feature in order to ensure that I'm getting the gemming bonus from the item, stat-stacking be damned (i.e. all Bold Inferno Rubies in all slots post-optimize).  It's kind of annoying having to set the jemming template to show the top 10 gemming combos in order to blue-tag not only the gem selections I want but now also having to tag for the optimizer too.

A couple ways I can suggest to address this...

- Add a sub-option to the "Enforce Gem Requirements" option in the options panel that also enforces gem color slots as well.  I know in the past such a feature was frowned upon, but I would argue for it now in order to address the above issue.  This would easily address the issue.

- If clicking an item green-tags it for open usage, shift-clicking an item blue-tags it for locking in that particular item's gem/reforge loadout, I propose that ctrl or alt clicking an item would red-tag it, locking in the item's gem selection but keeping it open to all reforge possibilities.  The opposite could also be done too, perhaps yellow-tagging an item would lock-in it's reforge selection but keep it open to all gem template combos/possibilities. 

Dec 25, 2010 at 6:21 PM

If you want to fix only gems, what you can try is blue-tag all gear, then use the override reforge option in the optimizer.