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Theory ?s: Fury Swipes, Stamina

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Jan 5, 2011 at 2:19 AM

After browsing about for a bit, I didn't see whatever links may exist to the assumptions in use by the Rawr Bear model.  Hence the thread!


1) Fury Swipes

When looking at the "Individual Talents" graphs, I see that Fury Swipes gets no mitigation rating.  Are these procs unable to trigger Savage Defense separately from their associated autoattacks?


2) Stamina mitigation value?

I've wracked my brain trying to determine why stamina should have half of its value derived from mitigation.  I would have expected 100% of its value to be "Survival", but such is not the case.  Explanations I've tendered include


- I don't understand what mitigation has components other than negation of incoming damage.

- The health on my character is low enough that stamina is increasing the calculated AP gained via Vengeance, thereby improving my mitigation through bigger Savage Defense absorbs.


Does anyone know the right of it?


Lastly, I apologize if I should be posting this elsewhere or there exists a resource that would have answered my question without the necessity of asking it.  Please point me in the correct direction if this be the case.

Jan 5, 2011 at 3:54 AM

1) Good question; I'll look into this. It might not be correctly proc'ing SD (I'm pretty sure it should be).

2) Stamina granting mitigation is almost certainly due to increasing your max vengeance.