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Mage Model Trinket issues

Topics: Rawr.Base.Items, Rawr.Mage
Feb 8, 2011 at 12:42 PM


The trinket data (on the mage model) looked to me very strange, so I tested around a bit. First thing I noticed was that the ICD for many trinkets was wrongly set to 45 seconds (bell, mirror,
for example) when it should be 100 seconds (or for some blue trinkets 75 seconds or 50 seconds). (The Volcano Card is *correct* at 45 seconds, BTW).


might help for correct trinket data (spreadsheet was not done by me, I am just pasting it into this mail, but I can confirm the data for the Bell - which I own myselves - listed in this spreadsheet).

When looking at this, I still noticed that the Soul Casket was evaluated much higher than I would
deem correct (higher than the Bell, which should be definitely higher than the Soul Casket for
Firemages). So for testing I entered data for a trinket like this

321 Crit Rating
On Use every 2 Minutes 1926 spellpower for 20 seconds

to compare with the Bell (Note: This is the bell since 4.0.6, with 20% Proccchance on spellhit, instead of 30% on spellcrit):

321 Crit Rating
20% Procc. on SpellHit 1926 Spellpower for 20 seconds 100 seconds ICD

The FIRST trinket gets evaluated with 200 more spellpower/score. I am not into the
involved maths, but despite the ability to better plan the trinket effect I personally
would have expected the other way round?

It seems to me as if ALL OnUse Trinkets (Heart of Ignacious, Jeweller Trinket,...) get a much
higher value by Rawr than what I would have expected.

Anybody has an idea about what is going on there?


Feb 8, 2011 at 6:54 PM

First of all if you think you have an issue, post it in the issue tracker

Secondly, the trinket cooldown modeling was updated a month ago. Try reloading your item cache and see if that works. if not post in the issue tracker.