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Upcoming Model List

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Mar 23, 2008 at 2:32 PM
Is there a list with all the planned upcoming models for Rawr ?
What classes and speccs can we expect for the futures ?
Mar 23, 2008 at 7:51 PM
My current list is... (Though a few of these haven't been worked on in over a month; I'll try to get something more concrete posted soon)

Mar 24, 2008 at 1:09 PM
Hmpf, no enhancement shaman. I wish I had any experience with C# and the time&knowledge to create this one on my own ^^
But what I've read at EJ forums is that there are complications to create a normal spreadsheet and they still get their aep from actual combat simulations. :-/
Mar 24, 2008 at 4:12 PM
Well, last I heard they were looking at some new way to do the Enh calculations that would make it viable to be done in a deterministic model like Rawr.
Mar 26, 2008 at 10:41 PM
What is the status of Rawr.Tree?

I am looking to work on my healing gear so that would be quite useful for me at the moment. I can provide some coding assistance if required so let me know if I can assist.
Mar 26, 2008 at 11:16 PM
Tree has been in the works for a while, but nothing has ever been done for it that I can tell, and it's been handed off to a new person every few weeks, including just a day or two ago, a new guy asked to start on it. Maybe it's cursed. We'll see what he comes up with. :)
Mar 27, 2008 at 2:21 PM
Just so that I'm on the record, I'm hoping to get started on Rawr.Tankadin this weekend. I wanted to try to get a reasonably complete feature set on Rawr.Moonkin before I started, although I'm sure I'm still going to get feature requests and improvements and such. I'm almost to that point now.
Apr 3, 2008 at 7:01 PM
any chance for a Rawr:spriest in the works?
Apr 3, 2008 at 7:20 PM
Apr 3, 2008 at 10:32 PM
sweet, i didnt see it on the list above... any idea on an approx timeline? or just plans to do one oneday?
Apr 4, 2008 at 12:55 AM
No clue, honestly. A guy named Lancer just asked to start on it last week. He sounded serious, so we'll see. :)
Apr 7, 2008 at 6:41 PM
I have grand plans of starting on a Resto Shaman model but absolutely no time as of now...we'll see.
May 12, 2008 at 5:39 AM
Rawr.ElemSham is currently dead/inactive (Console has decided to go do his own thing, last I heard)
May 16, 2008 at 5:24 PM
Greatly looking forward to Rawr: Rogue (currently have to cross reference Shadowpanther's gear spreadsheets with the Rogue DPS Calculator), and Rawr: Protadin.

All your work is greatly appreciated, Astrylian!