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Rawr.Mage - Trinket Cooldowns in Spell Cycles

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Jul 31, 2008 at 3:25 AM
        After spending a significant amount of time writing Excel macro's to effectively allow me to see the stat improvements when swapping gear in and out, I found Rawr a few days ago and jeez it's a great application! Will save me countless hours, excellent work guys.

The only thing I noticed, and it may well be that I need to RTFM a little better (though I have tried) - when I have a trinket that temporarily boosts +spell dmg, when I check the suggested spell cycles I notice it suggests to "use" the trinket far more often than it is available.

To illustrate by example, if you load my character (Darchangel, Jubei'Thos) into Rawr in Mage-model, and check the Spell Cycle, you'll see that it suggests to pop the Trinket far more frequently than the cooldown will allow. No idea if this is an issue or my stupidity - please let me know :)

Jul 31, 2008 at 5:09 AM
When I load your character I get 60 seconds total of Glowing Crystal Insignia which is 3 activations in 5 minutes. Vengeance of the Illidari doesn't seem to properly load the on use effect, I'll have a look at that.