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Error when trying to delete the Rawr folder.

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Nov 10, 2008 at 3:52 PM

I got Rawr 2.0.3 and was trying to delete 2.0.2 but it tells me that the folder is in use by another program. before you suggest the obvious of making sure Rawr is not running, I deleted the entire contents of the folder its self, but the folder refuses to be deleted...

Running windows Vista, yes I am an admin, and yes I know what 1 dee 10 Tee is, Pebkac etc... so any insight would be useful.
Nov 10, 2008 at 5:51 PM
If this happened in WinXP, you'd do one of the following:
* Kill explorer.exe, start explorer.exe, try to delete folder
* Restart the OS