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Topics: Rawr.Base, Rawr.Cat
Nov 12, 2012 at 11:22 PM

I know this stuff takes a lot of time, any idea if any work has gone into updating any of the modules (stat weights, etc.)? I've noticed the feral(kitty) is completely different from EJ in correlation to stat weights. The module keeps telling me to hit cap (when before we never really had to), and expertise cap for dodge.  My dps was actually on the low end following this method.  I've used EJ stat weights by putting that information into askmrrobot and now I'm just shy of hit cap by maybe a % or so less and not even close to the expertise cap for dodge, now. My dps has shot way up following this method. If there is someway I can help please let me know. I'm no programmer, but I've followed this from early BC, so I'd like to see this stay alive.