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Bear Stats and Survival Soft Cap

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Jan 11, 2009 at 2:11 PM
Hi there,

first, i love your tool. I am using it since a long time, with my mage and my druid.
But now i do have a problem with the new Rawr build. I really dont understand why rawr favours Agi that much over Stam. In the last build, i got nearly the perfect gear, excluding 1 oder 2 items. Now Stam got nearly the worst stat in your calculations, and i wonder why. My Figurine - Monarch Crab with one 24 Stam and one 41 Stam JC gem now is the ~20th Trinket in the list. Its even worse than Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch. I am calculation raidbuffed, with the standard 140000 Soft Cap, which should be the value for "the hardest hitting bosses".

So please, tell me, why is Stamina that worse?

Thanks for help (and sorry for my non-native english).
Jan 11, 2009 at 6:19 PM
You're seeing the effects of the survivability soft cap. You are *way* over the soft cap, so survival is worth significantly less for you. After all, with the perfect gear, nothing hits very hard.

If you're like me, planning for Ulduar, I'd suggest a 160k cap.
Jan 11, 2009 at 11:25 PM
Ok, thats it.
Is Ulduar with a cap of 160k realistic? If it is, it changes nearly nothing. 140 Stamina are even worse than 65 Defense. I dont know if that is realistic.

My actual stats are (selfbuffed, live):

Health: 37197
Dodge: 38,31%
Armor: 37671

Patchwork's hateful strikes are hitting me for an average of 17k with ~50% misses.

If i raise the cap to 200k, stamina gets a well stat again. It would be nice to know, which cap is realistic..

Jan 12, 2009 at 1:25 AM
Those are very good stats, and as I said, nothing hits very hard. As you say, Patchwerk only hits for 17k, and you avoid half the hits, more stam doesn't help you much.

We don't know if 160k is a realistic cap for Ulduar. But it's the best guess we've got, based on how things have scaled so far in WotLK. Setting the cap to 160k 'changes nearly nothing' because you're way over that cap too.
Jan 12, 2009 at 9:25 AM
sorry to interrupt here, but i am aiming for the same thing.. i had the softcap set for 140k as at mo we are only doing nax 10.
my trinkets are the crab and hare, but ill be exchanging 1 for darkmoon card +180agi. soon.

what are the stats we as druid tanks should be aiming for?  i was told 415 def 35k+ hp 33%dodge and we are unable to become un-crushable?
what is the cap for uncrit  and uncrush? guildies that are normal tanks are giving me different stats every time..

at present with my own buff i get

Character:        Drunar@EU-Defias Brotherhood
Race:        Tauren
Nature Resist:        85
Arcane Resist:        75
Frost Resist:        362
Fire Resist:        75
Shadow Resist:        75
Health:        37369
Agility:        804.5168
Armor:        32628.31
Stamina:        2927.19
Dodge Rating:        107
Defense Rating:        158
Resilience:        92
Dodge:        35.37646%
Miss:        5.702202%
Mitigation:        70.28458%
Avoidance PreDR:        44.19673%
Avoidance PostDR:        41.07867%
Total Mitigation:        82.49127%
Damage Taken:        17.50872%
Chance to be Crit:        -4.013658%
Overall Points:        268360.4
Mitigation Points:        114228.8
Survival Points:        125756.2
Threat Points:        28375.38
Nature Survival:        44151.27
Frost Survival:        108070.6
Fire Survival:        43228.25
Shadow Survival:        43228.25
Arcane Survival:        43228.25
Strength:        436.72
Attack Power:        4244.876
Crit Rating:        136
Hit Rating:        28
Expertise Rating:        53
Haste Rating:        33
Armor Penetration Rating:        0
Missed Attacks:        19.16339%
Highest DPS Rotation:        1200 DPS, 2719 TPS
Highest TPS Rotation:        1150 DPS, 2838 TPS
Swipe Rotation:        192 DPS, 595 TPS
Custom Rotation:        0 DPS, 0 TPS
Melee:        481 Dmg, 997 Threat
Maul:        1483 Dmg, 3951 Threat
Mangle:        857 Dmg, 1776 Threat
Swipe:        263 Dmg, 816 Threat
Faerie Fire:        213 Dmg, 1751 Threat
Lacerate:        70 Dmg, 1141 Threat
Lacerate DOT Tick:        692 Dmg, 717 Threat

any good? or should i be working towards more stam as Rawr tells me?
TY for any help, and P.S. 

Nice tank druid u got there Priwinn

Jan 12, 2009 at 10:07 AM
Edited Jan 12, 2009 at 10:09 AM
Are you planning for 160k survival with or without inspiration?
I'm planning for 170k / 200k with inspiration

You are uncritable and uncrushable by talents alone
Jan 12, 2009 at 5:39 PM
Without. Inspiration majorly changes how gear is valued, and I don't have it reliably enough to base gear decisions on it.
Jan 14, 2009 at 9:16 AM
I have always left inspiration unchecked, but made allowances for it once past the "soft" armour cap. Whilst the unreliability means it shouldn't affect the survivailty aspect of armour, it certainly affects the mitigation value. Perhaps the inspiration buff should be a percentage uptime, instead of a check box, and the mitigation value of armour, past the "soft" cap, should be amended according to that percentage.

If you are past the survivability "soft" cap, and past the armour "soft" cap, the value of armour does decrease quite a lot in proportion to the uptime of inspiration.