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Available items displayed in Comparisons pane

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Jan 12, 2009 at 11:13 PM
Situation: I'm a fairly well geared mage, clearing naxx/sarth/maly etc.  If I look at, eg trinket slot one, my current trinket is around #4, with a score of 229.24.  However, the list of items I can choose from (those available in the comparisons pane) is ~131 items (I've turned off PVP, Burning Crusade and Classic).  It's probably safe to say I'm not going to change my current trinket for a level 44 quest reward valued at 16.78 dps, and indeed 116 of those items fall more than 100dps behind my current trinket, meaning they have no relevence to me.

Suggestion: I'd really love some way of clearing the wheat from the chaff.  The current filters don't seem to cut it - leaving something like eg. Alchemy selected, shows me the top Wrath Alchemy trinket, which is fine (it's not great but ~vaguely relevent, being top end of Alchemy for Wrath with 117dps), but also shows the Redeemer's (77dps) Mighty Alchemist stone (47 dps) and original Alchemist Stone (4.5dps, rawr!)  So filtering by professions doen't really work.

Some thoughts I had that may work:

*Set an iLvl filter - only shows items above X iLvl, where X is input by the user.
*Rarity filter - filters to toggle on/off display of Uncommon, Rare, Epic items.
*# of items displayed filter - only shows the top X items, where X is input by the user.

Summary:  I feel this would not only make Rawr much easier to use, but possibly also a lot faster.  Thoughts?

Jan 13, 2009 at 1:25 AM
This is already available. Go to the tools->edit item filters. For example to create a filter that removes all items below level 200 you would proceed like this:

-click on + to create a new filter
-enter name, for example "Remove low level items"
-leave pattern empty, change max item level to 199
-uncheck Additive Filter checkbox

This will create you a filter that when selected will remove all items with item level between 0-199.

You can do similar with rarity or in any combination with item source.