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A question about how item point values are totaled

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Feb 9, 2009 at 9:21 PM
Hey guys.  I was messing around with the healadin module and noticed something odd about the value of a particular gem so it made me question if I am correct in how I think item point values are totaled.  Up until now I took for granted that the total value of an item was the sum of all of the stats on the item multiplied by their respective relative stat value.  Is this not correct?

What made me wonder is that when looking at trinkets it shows the figurine - sapphire owl with 2x 8 crit/3 mp5 gems very high on the list.  But when I go to the list of normal gems the 8 crit 3 mp5 gem is very very low on the list.  The relative stat values are mp5 = 3.71 and crit = 2.25.  So one 8 crit/3 mp5 gem should be (8 * 2.25) + (3 * 3.71) = 29.13 right?  Yet it only shows the value of this gem as 13.49.

Am I doing something wrong or is that not how values are calculated?
Feb 9, 2009 at 9:48 PM
No, far from that. Rawr doesn't use relative stat values internally, those are only outputs (since they are inherently inaccurate).

See the readme for a description of how Rawr rates items. Short Version: Rawr only calculates complete pictures, and measures the difference between different complete pictures.