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ProtWarr Development Progress

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May 11, 2009 at 4:50 PM

Because the Prot side of things has been begging for some work, I've decided to bring my incisive wit and challenging... challenges to the Prot side of things.

The ArP formula is all wrong - it is still defaulted to the old (pre-3.1) ArP values, including target armor and using the outdated calculations as far as I am aware.

Defense as a purely defensive stat seems to be a little off - for example, equal amounts of Dodge and Defense are tied, when the amount for Defense should (generally, unless modeling for something specific) pull ahead.

A large number of glyphs seem to be unmodeled.  In fact, it seems that all but the "special" glyphs that are listed in the Options tab have no effect whatsoever.

Hit may be slightly undervalued.  Though I understand it is not a fantastic stat by any means, the raw 1% hit provided by the Draenei aura provides nearly 0 benefit (simply used as a basline measure of +hit benefit in the model), and seems to only be considering the direct DPS benefit, rather than the threat-preserving (especially early) boon that it provides.

I don't think the model favors faster weapons (for Heroic Strike rage dumping frequency) enough, as a gut instinct.  I haven't yet put my thumb on what this could be due to, or even if it's incorrect, but I am a little off-put that 2.6 speed Furious weapons are being ranked as nearly best-in-slot for a balanced, generic Ulduar fight.

I don't currently see a method by which I could specify a specific type of damage - say, incoming breath attacks, or otherwise set amounts of expected magical damage.

The 4-piece Siegebreaker (T8) bonus does not appear to be modeled, though it may just be marked as irrelevant due to a lack of magical damage.

I could very much see a huge benefit for this specific module (and, really, all tanking modules) of simulating specific boss fight - that is, having a preset configuration for each boss.  The only wrench to be thrown in on this that I see is that there would have to be a selector for the hard mode(s), as well, as most hard modes include increased damage in.

I would also like to see a way to weight avoidance against effective health against block.  That is, I see EH as being the sole determining factor of Time-to-Live in the gear rankings.

There's other stuff, but that's all I remember off the top of my head.