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The Optimizer

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May 12, 2009 at 7:06 PM

Im using the current version of rawr and i can't seem to get the optomizer to get me at 0% miss chance im telling it nothing greater than 0 and i equip the gear it gets and i end up w/ 2% miss chance any1 know why?


May 12, 2009 at 7:55 PM

Since you don't indicate which model your using, it is difficult to nail it down (and everything might not be applicable to you), but here are some quick checks that I can think of:

The 1st obvious case: You might not have enough hit from available choices.

a) Did you specify the 0%miss constraint correctly? Remember the optimiser increases the main stat your optimising, so don't try to optimise miss chance directly, since you will end up missing a lot. Optimise dps, while having misses <= 0. If the optimiser cannot reach the goal, it should report it as such, if it isn't complaining and still giving this result, something might not be specified correctly.

b) Are you using a melee or caster model? 1 handed or dual-wield? The amount of hit differs significantly? Or a tanking model? Expertise requirements etc.  Is it possible to reach your model's cap? (Before we can do anything, we need details on your class/spec tree)

c) Have you checked all buffs?

d) Have you selected the +hit type talents you have available?

e) Are hit gems/enchants available for selection?

f) Have you made sufficient gear choices available to the optimiser? Are they selected with only specific gemming options (blue diamonds) or general regemming (green diamonds)?

g) Are you looking at the correct miss chance result output?


If you have double checked all of these and it still doesn't work, there is the possibility of a bug. But from my own experience, most cases where I have encountered something like this, it turned out to be something I forgot to tick.

May 12, 2009 at 8:19 PM

Im assumign when u say model your talkin abt my class therefore im a warlock and after i load my character I click the diamonds next to the items that i can easily get and then i go to the optomizer and put in the miss chance to b <= 0 and sometimes it will come back w/ a higher miss chance i already had....and idk if this is a good idea but i try and aim for the hit cap w/o buffs from druids and preist since i wont always have them w/ me...and i thoguht that the optomizer will fill in the gem slots w/ like hit rating gem if it help w/ the current stat im aiming for which in this case is +hit

May 13, 2009 at 2:49 PM

I just wanted to add to this as I realized this problem the other night.

It seems that once you reach just over 2% miss (around 2.25% I believe) RAWR shows hit as adding 0 dps. Once you reach this point if you look at the relative stat values, hit is not even on there.

I can't imagine that not being hit capped is the best dps for a warlock. To help offset this I just take a couple points out of suppression. But that shouldn't be the ultimate fix.