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Loading Possible Upgrades?

Topics: Rawr.Base.Items
Jun 15, 2009 at 11:07 PM

I have a question regarding the feature in the Tool section for Loading Possible Upgrades From the Armory & From Wowhead...what exactly do these functions do? My assumption is that by using these functions Rawr updates it's item database from either the Armory or the website to provide you with a more accurate list of items for your Rawr database. My questions are as follows:

Is there a benefit to loading possibly upgrades from both the Armory & Wowhead?

Does running both functions on the same model over-write the data?

How often should users run these functions? I personally run them after every new Rawr update and/or after any content patch.




Jun 15, 2009 at 11:53 PM

They do indeed check the Armory or Wowhead for items which may be upgrades for the current character. It does this for the Armory by giving it the character name/server, and asking for upgrades. And for Wowhead, it does a filter with weights by the relative stat values. In both cases, it grabs any item which is at least 80% as good as your current item.

They don't overwrite each other; in both cases it just adds to the itemcache. You can keep running it frequently, to get data about new items as Wowhead finds them, or they're revealed on the Armory. Most of that happens immediately after a content patch, however more items commonly trickle in over time, such as the Algalon items which are still being found, even today.