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[DPSDK] A problem with model

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Jul 22, 2009 at 3:38 PM


I always use Rawr for optimize my characters, and in general, I expressed with it accuracy. But I think, in a field of optimization DK DPS I found a little mistake in this model. Changing my build slightly around Frost DPS, I found that moving some talent points into Toughness with 5/5 Bladed Armor selected, my AP doesn't change. Of couse, it's not critical, but when you lift your dps toward hardmodes, you want know how much dps you gain/lose due to such changes. May be it possible to fix this in a latest realises?

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Jul 22, 2009 at 5:09 PM

Assuming 15000 armor, 5/5 Toughness will net you 2250 additional armor. With 5/5 Bladed Armor, the additional armor will net you 62 ap. 62 ap for 5 talent points is perhaps a rather large waste of talent points, especially considering the amount of armor increase on new items is lacking.


I am also of the belief that the additional armor from Toughness is considered bonus armor, and does not affect base armor calculations, thus negating any benefit from toughness from a DPS perspective. I'd be happy if anyone could correct me on this point.

Jul 28, 2009 at 5:23 AM

Toughness is used for bladed armor calculations.  Bladed armor + toughness is a very large threat bump for tanks.  However, as you noted, it is rather lackluster for DPS.  The only reason to take 5/5 Bladed Armor in a DPS spec is for 20 points and Bloody Strikes.  As a Frost or Unholy DK, you only need 3/5 Bladed Armor to get down to Dark Conviction.