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Inconsistant Optimizer Results

Topics: Rawr.Base.Optimizer
Sep 14, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Hi there. I have been using Rawr for a while now and have learned how to work past this but only now thought i might ask here for some help.

It seems that ever since i started using Rawr i sometimes find myself receiving inconsistant results when using the optimiser. For example using the same buffs/talents/option/rotation settings...


-> If i have 3 pieces of hand items selected the optimiser will suggest a score value of *X using Hand Item (1) in conjunction with various other pieces. If i then go and disable Hand Item (3) leaving only Hand Item (1) and (2) to be used it will result in a score of *X + Y (with some other gear swapped around this time) or sometimes will not be able to reach score *X at all again (resulting in *X - Y) until i add back Hand Item (3), even tho it is never used in the setup? Any help or explanations as to what i may be doin wrong would really help me out!


Thank a bunch for the great app again!


*You can sub any value in here, i.e X = 2000 and Y = 50

Sep 14, 2009 at 5:06 PM

The Optimizer never is guaranteed. You will occasionally see inconsistent results, especially on low thoroughness levels. It should be pretty rare though; if you're seeing it repeatedly, you should turn the thoroughness up. (This is all because to actually try every possible combination would take literally eons, no exaggeration, so it tries to intelligently choose sets to try, and thus we get a thoroughness setting.)