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Tooltips and Item Slots

Topics: Rawr.Base
Sep 17, 2009 at 4:57 AM

People have been asking for this for a while in various threads and Issues, I just wanted to make a blanket statement that this functionality has been added to Rawr for the next version.

Where people would previously see:

Wrynn's Shoulderplates of Triumph [258] (48381)

with the additional settings active, there is now a new setting for Item Type that shows the following:

Wrynn's Shoulderplates of Triumph [258] (48381) [Shoulder]

The most effective usage scenarios where this would help users is in the Direct Upgrades list and in the Build Upgrade List results. You can now tell what the frack slot it's talking about with the items where the name is a little ambiguous to it's slot.

And since a lot of people need their hand's held with this kind of stuff, here's how to enable it:

1. Start/Run Rawr
2. Go to the toolbar up top and click 'Tools'
3. Select the menu item 'Options...'
4. Click the 'General Settings' item in the Left-hand column
5. Check 'Display Item Types in Tooltips'
6. Activate any other settings changes that are on this panel you wish to activate (since a lot of you are probably seeing this for the first time).
7. Click the OK button at the bottom
8. Tada! Be sure to exit the program and restart it to ensure that the setting is properly saved.