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DK Frost Tank Talents?

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Sep 29, 2009 at 12:38 AM

rawr figures out my talents fine on my mage.

However I put in my level 72 DK frost tank. Specified that it was a tank. Sorted items for threat.

Told rawr to optimize, slider max, clicked talents. Rawr does not figure talents.

Tried several configurations.

Used talents as they were, reset them to zero etc.

Also rawr is recommending 80 gear for my 72 dk, is there anyway to filter it for gear I can actually use?


Is there anyway to makie it figure talents for dks? and recommend gear usable by level 72


Sep 29, 2009 at 3:34 AM

Many models do not support optimizing of talents.  It's extremely finicky business.

Rawr is designed and solely supported for level 80 characters.


Please search for your issues before posting a new Discussion.

Sep 29, 2009 at 2:24 PM

There is some valuation of DK talents in the Tank module, but as mentioned, it's not a complete solution.  EG... how do you evaluate the improved tanking ability provided by Icy Reach.  There are many talents that just don't have a good model. Also, the Mage module that I'm aware of that supports more than level 80 talents. 

Also, if you're just looking for threat, then really you want the DPSDK model.  Since threat is such a small part of the over-all tanking picture.  Threat is usually the last thing a new Tank DK needs to worry about.  First get over those critical points: Reaching uncritable, then starting to work on getting your survival & mitigation numbers where they should be.  Generally if you've geared or talented for threat with a fresh 80, you've usually gimped on those necessary "keep-me-alive" aspects that make a tank what it's supposed to be.  If you happen to be lucky enough to be tanking heroics with some Ulduar+ geared DPS, and they're pulling off of you, then it's their job to throttle their DPS to match then threat that you can generate.