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Healadin t9 & t10 librams

Topics: Rawr.Healadin
Dec 14, 2009 at 2:00 PM

Hello to the developers & the community,

1st time poster here although i have been following this site for quite some time.

I manually entered the procs for the t9 & t10 libram in rawr as best I could according to what I could read about the procs here and other theorycrafting sites. Been personally using Libram of Renewal and wanted to see what Rawr says about the new librams. According to Rawr both librams are upgrades - Veracity about 10-15% Binding Light 25-30%, yet when I equip 1 of them my total healing output (according Rawr) goes down by a lot, also Rawr stops showing Glyph of Seal of Wisdom as best Glyph (Glyph of Seal of Light instead) and Int gems (spell power gems) instead. Now I have modeled the procs as best I could but I'm pretty sure that's illogical for the complete gearsetup to change because a Libram has been switched. Below are libram procs as I have modeled them:

Veracity: 234 SP (15 secs 35% on Healingspellcast) with a 10 sec internal cooldown

Binding Light: 3 x 85 SP (15 secs 30% on Healingspellcast) with no internal cooldown

I'm kinda hoping some of the developers already tried this out and can confirm if my modeling is wrong (or if another libram really changes the whole picture ? )

Thank you in advance :)