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Rawr 0.11

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Released: Feb 16, 2008
Updated: Dec 20, 2010 by Jothay
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Release Notes

Welcome to another new version of Rawr. b11 has quite a few new features that you'll notice, and quite a few that you probably won't notice. I've added alot of polish to the new Cat model, (though those disabled calculation options are still disabled, sorry :( ), and there are several new things for Bear too. There have been alot of changes under the hood, to allow for Rawr to support models for a wide variety of class/specs, not just Cats and Bears. While Feral is still my passion, and will be the main focus of my future development, I also want to open Rawr up so that other people who are passionate about different classes/specs can build models for Rawr, and hopefully all theorycrafters can be united with one common platform. Thanks for work on this release go out to Bashui and MerickOWA!

This release is dedicated to all those who have dissatisfied clouds hanging over them. Sorry I'm a couple days late.

Beta 11:
- You can now change between Bear and Cat mode, and any other models, on the fly, using the new Model menu.
- All stats are now editable in the Item Editor, not just bear stats.
- Rawr has been updated for the 2.4 PTR, as of 2/15. Most of the new items have been added, and the idols have been changed to their new stats. Note that you shouldn't try to Refresh Item Data on a new item, as it'll just fail to find the item and timeout.
- Added accurate calculations for all the decent cat idols.
- There's now a checkbox on the Options tab to enable Metagem requirement detection. If you run into a situation where one item is ranked higher than another, and you think it should be the other way around, see if the first one helps you meet the metagem requirements, and the second one doesn't. Turn that option off if you like handling metagem requirements yourself, and it'll always count the metagem.
- Buffs now have tooltips in the charts.
- The most recently used model will be selected at startup. No more dialog asking what model you want to startup in.
- There's now a list of recently opened files in the File menu, so you can open your different gear sets and characters faster.
- The model system has been changed so that each model is its own DLL, meaning that models can be updated/added/removed seperately of Rawr itself.
- Fixed a few bugs on dual-monitor setups.
- Items can now have weapon properties (min/max damage, speed)
- In order to prepare Rawr for a wider variety of models, the item type/slot system has been revamped. You'll now notice that there are 2 more buttons on the main form, for Projectile and Projectile Bag, though nothing will fit in them for ferals. Same with the offhand.
- Added support for all races, though Rawr.Cat and Rawr.Bear only have stats for NE/Tauren, of course. This is in preparation for Rawr being used by other classes.
- Items with no stats relevant to the current model will be hidden from charts/dropdowns
- There are now several new buffs for cats: ExposeWeakness (which has a slider on the Options tab to control its AP value), and Bloodlust, Drums of Battle, and Drums of War (which have sliders on the Options tab to control their uptime %).
- Models can now define their own custom charts, which are now used by Cat to include Combat Table (White), Combat Table (Yellow) and Relative Stat Values, and by Bear to include Combat Table and Relative Stat Values. Note that due to rounding abormalities when working with small values of certain stats that get multiplies, the two Relative Stat Values charts aren't as informative as I'd like, yet; take their values with a large grain of salt, consider them alpha quality for now.
- You can resize the main form to give you more chart space, and more space for the tab control with calculation display, buffs, options, enchants.

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