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Rawr 0.13.1

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Released: Apr 7, 2008
Updated: Dec 20, 2010 by Jothay
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Release Notes

Rawr Beta 13.1
Welcome to Rawr b13. New in this beta are two major new features, the Optimizer, and the Retribution model, as well as a multitude of fixes and improvements to the app in general, and each model. You'll be able to mark items as available to your character, and then use the Optimizer to find the best possible set of gear from all available items, with a variety of additional optional requirements. The Retribute model, developed by Anarkii, will help all the Retadins out there build their gear set!

Version History
Beta 13.1:
- Fix for several Optimizer crashes. If you can get the Optimizer to crash still, please e-mail me your character file (
- Fix for Rawr.Mage requiring .NET 3.5.

Beta 13:
- Rawr now includes a Retribution model, built by Anarkii! Since it's our first Ret release, it may have some bugs, so please report anything you find wrong with it, and welcome to Rawr, Retadins!
- Added an Optimizer feature. The Optimizer works by looking at different combinations of gear that you have available (mark items as available by clicking the diamond next to the item in the charts), and finding the best possible set of gear. There's lots to see in the Optimizer, so give it a try, and let us know how it works. One known issue with the optimizer: Unique gems may be used multiple times; best to just not mark any unique gems as Available for now.
- Added a Status dialog that will show the status of all pending network operations (like loading items from the Armory). Note that there's still no way to cancel these operations while they're in-progress, but we hope to have that in a future update, soon.
- Improved the performance of loading and saving cached items, and performing some common item stat calculations, and fixed several bugs with the item editor.
- Items with class restrictions will not show up for other classes.
- Items will now display a Location, of where to get them. The data for this is still vague or non-existent in some cases, since it's loaded from the Armory, but for the most part it should be useful.
- All DPS models' DPS rating is calculated in terms of plain DPS (as opposed to DPS*100);
- Downloads from the Armory should be more resilient now, retrying whenever random failures occur, and correctly supporting more types of proxy servers where needed.
- The current character name and filename will appear in the title bar.
- Tooltips are now shown for buffs on the buff selection tab.
- Buffs and Enchants will now combine the built-in lists with what's in your itemcache, so that you can preserve customizations between versions.
- Rawr.Bear: Added all missing 2.4 items/enchants to the default ItemCache, resist enchants are now correctly counted, there are now debuffs for Sunwell Radiance and mobs that don't crush.
- Rawr.Mage: Added more AB-AM cycles, now shows a tradeoff coefficient for all spells, improved rotation and trinket optimization, improved performance, now tracks threat, auto selects Mage/Molten armor,
- Rawr.Moonkin: Removed the Mana Efficiency rating, since it was already contained in the total damage rating, improved the accuracy of several calculations, added set bonuses, updated mechanics for 2.4, now shows several different damage-related calculations similar to the spreadsheet.

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bugs o plenty, tried to ge this to run by normal installation. would not work , kept saysing it could not find graphic. SO i took the old release4 and copied the data over the newest release but told it to only overright he older data. (keeping the new), didnt work still crashed. So then i took the data file from the old working release and overwrote the new dat thinking that it would alow it to
by timjordan on Apr 10, 2009 at 2:11 AM