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Rawr 0.15

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Downloads: 12103
Change Set: 21000
Released: Jul 27, 2008
Updated: Dec 20, 2010 by Jothay
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Application Rawr
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Release Notes

Beta 15:
- Added the Tree, RestoSham, DPSWarr (Arms-only for this release), Hunter (BM-only for this release), Tankadin, and HolyPriest models! These are our first versions of these models, so please report any bugs you find with them!
- Revamp of item availability mechanics: Items can be marked to allow regemming and restrict which enchants are available. Left click on diamond as before marks item to be available withot restrictions (regemming and all enchants), CTRL+click marks the item to be available for this specific gemming. By right clicking on the diamond it is possible to restrict which enchants are available (if there are any restrictions active this is indicated by a dot next to diamond). Optimizer has an option to override whether items that aren't specifically marked for regemming/reenchanting can be regemmed or reenchanted.
- The optimizer upgrade comparison chart will now display all slots used to achieve the displayed upgrade value in its tooltip, and has a contextual menu item on click to equip all items
- Significant performance improvements all around for calculations, especially in the Optimizer
- Fix for properly handling gems and socket bonuses with spell damage and healing, and for display gems with three stats
- Fixed a bug with encoding for armory lookups, which was breaking some KR character loads
- Fixed a bug with item selection popups where the highest rating is 0
- Now handles broken images on the armory gracefully
- Added Batch Tools. These are still a work-in-progress, and are unstable, but the end goal is to be able to optimize a collection of characters (ie, your guild) at once. Feel free to poke around, but consider this feature incomplete at the moment, and be sure to save before using it.
- Rawr.Cat
- Fix for Braxxis' Staff not being relevant
- Rawr.Bear
- Fix for Braxxis' Staff not being relevant
- Fixes to threat generation, and included Swipe rotations
- Rawr.ProtWarr:
- Fixed Combat Table and Crushless Mob debuff
- Rawr.Moonkin:
- Fix for 4T5 incorrectly applying to Starfire Spam spell rotation
- Better judgement of when to clip DoTs and when to let them tick off
- Rawr.Mage:
- Massive improvements to sequence reconstruction
- Added non-debuffed AB to spell info display
- Many more options on the Options tab, in a new UI
- Fix for IED meta gem having internal cooldown
- Fixed the base damage of Arcane Missiles
- Added an option to set a custom spell mix
- Fix for Fireball-Fire Blast cycle to take advantage of haste in certain ranges
- Rawr.Warlock:
- Pretty much rewrote the whole thing. It's much better now. Feedback and bugreports are definitely welcome!
- Rawr.Retribution:
- Mongoose and Executioner reworked
- Armor Mitigation and Haste reworked
- Minor fixes to Judgement, Exorcism, Crusader Strike, and Consecration calculations
- Talents and Options will now save and load properly
- Implemented more accurate WF and SoC calculations
- Rawr.Healadin:
- Added Cloth/Leather/Mail to the relevant item types

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