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Released: Jan 20, 2009
Updated: Dec 20, 2010 by Jothay
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Release Notes

>>A NOTE ON ITEM DATA<<: Before each release, I refresh the data in the default itemcache with the latest data from Wowhead and the Armory. However, at the current time, neither has updated its data for 3.0.8. I've manually updated the DPS on feral weapons, but that's it. I suggest that you use Tools > Update Item Cache from Wowhead / Armory once one of them updates to 3.0.8 data.

Recent Changes:
All models now contain a Relative Stat Values chart, which dynamically shows the value of various common stats to your current character. Some models had charts similar to this, and most of those still remain, in case they show any additional stats that this universal chart doesn't, but they will be removed in the next major version. As before, remember that these are only outputs from Rawr's calculations, not used internally by Rawr. Also, still remember that they will never be 100% accurate, and to always update whatever you use them for, whenver your gear/enchant/buffs change, in order to maintain as close to accurate as you can.
Fixed a couple more bugs with Wowhead parsing, and made it more resilient to errors (won't break your whole item cache update if it does hit an error).
Fixed a bug that would clear your available items on reload character from Armory.
You can now create filters that apply only to gems, or only to gear. (Not used by default filters yet, though)
Added support for several more trinket proc/effects.
Equipped items will always be shown in item listings, even if they would otherwise be filtered out.
Equipped items will now be marked as available, when re/loading from the Armory
Rawr.Cat/Bear: Adjusted calculations for the new FeralAP system. Weapon DPS is now counted as attack power, and items no longer show innate feral attack power. I've manually updated all feral weapons to have their new DPS values, but the actual stats on the items are still from 3.0.3 (ie, there's still Str on them, instead of plain AP). Please refresh the data on these items, once Wowhead/Armory update to 3.0.8.
Rawr.Tree: Major improvements all around. Still not fully complete.
Rawr.RestoSham: Major improvements all around. Still not fully complete.
Rawr.Retribution: Base miss chance lowered to 8%.
Rawr.Tankadin: Base miss chance lowered to 8%.
Rawr.ProtWarr: Block Value formula changed. Updates to armor calculations to account for Base vs Bonus Armor. Base racial stats updated. Support for the Armored to the Teeth talent.
Rawr.HolyPriest/ShadowPriest: Initial Glyph support.
Rawr.Mage: Significant updates to 3.0.8 support and to Arcane cycles. Added Rune of Razorice and Lightweave Embroidery. Enhanced hit rating tooltip. Fix for FBScPyro never being chosen when Global Optimizations were on. Added shatter combo cycles for Frost.
Rawr.DPSWarr: Initial draft of 3.0 version. Not fully complete yet, but included in this release of Rawr so that you can see how we're progressing. We still advise using Rawr.DPSWarr in conjunction with other theorycrafting tools.
Rawr.TankDK: Fixed expertise calculations.
Rawr.Rogue/Warlock: Nothing new, yet, but wanted to mention that we have a ton of active development on these models lately, and new versions are coming soon.

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