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Rawr 2.3.22

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Released: Aug 23, 2010
Updated: Sep 13, 2010 by Astrylian
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Release Notes

-Fix for the stats of Imp Lay on Hands.
-Fixes to a couple item stats.
-Rawr.Bear: Fix for resistance calculations being slightly off.
-Rawr.Cat: Fix for combo point generation rate being slightly off due to avoidance. Fix for bite damage being doublely reduced by combo points. Improved default gemming templates. Improved relevancy checking by ignoring items with spellpower. Fix for Idol of the Crying Moon calculations when it was the only crit-affecting special effect.
-Rawr.Rogue: Fix for the amount of CPs generated per CPG. Fix for Mutilate being usable with all weapons, and tweak to damage. Fix for the value of 3 points of Vile Poisons. Fix for base offhand damage. Fix for Crit double dipping with Master Poisoner. Fix for Haste calculation.
-Rawr.RestoSham: Fix for the duration of GCDs.
-Rawr.DPSDK: Slight fix for Glyph of Scourge Strike. Fixed the text of Glyph of Unholy Blight. Better detection of rotation without relying on single key talents.
-Rawr.TankDK: Fix for Abom's Might calculation. Fix for a few buffs/procs having no value. Fix for damage taken in Frost Presence.
-Rawr.Moonkin: Fix a display issue where spells that are not present in a given rotation would show NaN in the detailed spell breakdown rather than 0.
-Rawr.DPSWarr: Tweaks for Sudden Death and the 4T10 for Arms.
-Rawr.Elemental: Implemented Fire Elemental modeling.
-Rawr.HealPriest: Fix for not being able to load some older character files.
-Rawr.Warlock: Fix for not being able to load some older character files.

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Reviews for this release

Hello devs of Rawr! This software itself is great, but I wanted to use this old release for a simple talent / stat calculator for a private server, and I've found that some modules freezes when loading, especially tried warlock, rogue, and warrior classes, and must force close it. :( Btw. older releases source code was totally removed, or can I find it somewhere?
by Riltas on Apr 16, 2012 at 5:51 PM
Wonderful program but i wish it would account better for procs such as needle encrusted scorpion, because I think if that procs and it maxed out m y armpen then it would be better then various other trinkets. Unfortunately the rawr program disagrees because i don't think it handles procs well.
by gogtabi on Sep 5, 2010 at 12:16 AM
Love Rawr. Would love to see a list of upgrade items after optimization that I can take to the AH haha.
by Gutty on Aug 29, 2010 at 9:32 PM
Can really see the cat change, rawr's no longer putting you over the crit cap at near-bis level gear. Rawr's gotten a lot closer to the simcraft results now, which is awesome.
by Mihirr on Aug 24, 2010 at 8:06 PM