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DPSWarr Road Map

(these are not in any particular order unless stated otherwise)
  • General
    • Add calculational effectiveness for Self-Healing Targets (mobs that heal themselves)
    • Add Threat Handling
      • Many warriors do lots of extra threat and we have no Threat drops other than to stop DPS, talents that reduce this become useful
      • We might also want to set caps on Threat, forcing rotations to break)
  • Abilities
    • General
      • Add Hamstring Handling (Requires Moving Targets)
    • Arms
      • Add Mortal Strike Healing Reduction Handling (Requires Self-Healing Targets)
    • Fury
  • Buffs
    • Add Pots handling (needs to pull GCDs if being used, verify that they actually do before doing this)
  • Talents
    • Arms
      • Add Improved Hamstring Handling (Requires Hamstring Handling)
    • Fury
      • Add Piercing Howl Handling (Requires Multi-mob Targeting)
      • Add Blood Craze Handling (Requires Damage Taken Handling)
      • Add Furious Attacks Handling (Requires Self-Healing Mobs Handling)
    • Protection
  • Glyphs
    • Add Glyph of Hamstring Handling (Requires Hamstring Handling)

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