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Development Applications

Thank you for your interest in helping out the Rawr Development Team with managing this vast project!

What You Need to Know

  • C# to at least an Intermediate level, preferably Advanced. All of Rawr is coded in C# .NET and there are many advanced algorithms and methods in use that would be beyond most novices.
  • Silverlight experience is definitely a plus as Rawr4's UI is developed using Silverlight for In-Browser compatibility.
  • How to use Team Foundation Server (TFS) for checking in/out files. This website integrates directly with TFS for management of file versioning. You could alternatively use an SVN client but TFS is preferred.
  • Your Class (Warrior, Hunter, etc). There are many resources on the web that can talk you through the advanced mechanics of your class such as best talents to take, how/when to move in a fight, what stats to aim for/cap first, etc. We suggest as your first stomping ground for mechanics advice and Google for the rest.

What You Need to Have

  • A Codeplex Account, which will be upgraded to a Developer status to allow code submissions
  • Visual Studio 2010 (Pro or C# Express Edition), we recently upgraded to 2010 and 2008 will no longer be able to open the project files.
  • [Optional] There are also several extensions to 2010 that we recommend to enhance your coding experience: Pro Power Tools, PowerCommands and Regex Editor.
  • [Optional] With 2010 and it's built in XAML designer, this is not necessary but if you choose to do so, download the Expression 4 Suite which provides a rich environment for editing XAML (the UI) files.
  • The Silverlight 4 Runtime package installed
  • The Silverlight 4 Toolkit installed
  • The Silverlight 4 Tools installed
  • Methods of Contact, such as GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Live messengers.

What You Would be Doing

  • Responding to issues in Discussions, the Issue Tracker and the Rawr support email account
  • Correcting issues in the code for your Model and in some cases, the Base projects
  • Updating the calculations to reflect patch changes
  • Doing Performance analysis on the code and make changes to improve speed
  • Determine new ways to help improve calculations' reliability and reflection of more talents and tactics

What Now?

In order to show that you'll be able to perform the above tasks we require that new developers first submit one or more patches. If you need any help in getting you started feel free to join us in the Rawr IRC channel ( #rawr). That is our main means of communication and after the patches are approved we'll discuss granting you developer access if we have an opening.

Current Listings

We are currently seeking Developers for the following positions, note that Full Time means taking over that section entirely, not an 8 hour a day job:

  • Mage
  • Healadin
  • ProtPaladin
  • Retribution
  • HealPriest
  • ShadowPriest
  • DpsWarr
  • Rogue
  • Elemental
  • ProtWarr
  • Warlock
  • Please also see the Model Status page (link below) for possible openings.

Current Dev Team

Here are our current developers and what they handle.

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VenomKnight257 Aug 12, 2013 at 4:10 PM 
If you guys still need a Mage, Priest and/or Warlock developer I am willing to help out. I have recently received my BS in software development. I have 2 years of C# experience and have some Silverlight experience near the end of my degree. I have used XAML as well. I have TFS knowledge and am currently actively using it in my 9-5 job.

I have used this app and addon in the past with WoW and would love to give back to the community by updating it if the project is still ongoing.

my email is if you would like to contact me about anything. I look forward to working with the team.

ZuranOrb Jun 27, 2013 at 2:51 PM 
Unfortunately nobody answered to my request yet to join the developer team. Maybe currently everybody with proper rights is on vacation.