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Comparing Item Sets

Here's how to set up Item Set Comparisons (4.0.13 and newer):

  1. Load your character into Rawr from a saved file, the Armory or the Rawr AddOn.
  2. Go to Tools > Save Item Set
  3. Name your new item set
  4. Click OK
  5. Go to the Chart Picker and select Item Sets > Item Sets
  6. You can now see a Naked Character (no Items equipped), your Currently Equipped gear (even if you start changing items), and the Item Set that you just saved
  7. Now run an Optimize
  8. Wait for the results
  9. Click Store Item Set (only stores item set)
  10. You can now see your Optimized Set. Note that if you also optimized Talents and/or Buffs those changes won't be in this Item Set as these are just Item changes
  11. You can keep doing Optimizes and Save them, they will enumerate (1, 2, 3, etc) automatically. This lets you find the most Optimized set after several runs.

You can also Equip an Item Set from the Tools menu.

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