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Known Issues

On July 1st, Blizzard updated the US Armory to use a new format for talents. Rawr v2.2.9 was released soon after, in order to support that new format. However, the EU Armory still has not been updated with that same change. Please use Rawr v2.2.8 to load from the EU Armory (Or probably TW/CN Armories), until they're updated to the new version. I had hoped that would happen on July 2nd, but it seems they're behind.
Various proc/use effects aren't valued/modeled correctly in some models. We created a new (much better) system for handling these special effects, at the last minute, and haven't had time to finish implementing it in all the models. So we're currently in an odd transition state where it doesn't quite work in some models. We're working on it, and will have them working soon.

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