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Added in version 2.2.28, Profession selectors are now available on the Stats Pane. Professions will automatically be populated on Load from Armory calls or can be manually selected/changed from the Stats Pane. This in combination with the Enforce Profession Requirements setting will change the behavior of Rawr with Profession-related character effects.

Enforce Profession Requirements

This option, located in Options > Edit Options... enables several back-end changes.

  • Buffs
    • Any Buffs that require a profession, such as Toughness will be hidden from the User if they do not have the matching profession selected
    • These same buffs will be Automatically Added (and enforced to be added on any character change) with the matching profession selected
    • Professions that provide Bonuses to other Buffs, such as Engineer's getting +25% Healing from Runic Healing Potion Injectors, will be hidden without matching profession and auto-added/enforced with matching profession and the root Buff checked
  • Enchants
    • Any Enchants that requires a Profession, such as Ring Enchants requiring the Enchant Profession, or Fur Lining - Attack Power needing Leatherworking will be hidden without their matching Profession selected
  • Sockets
    • Blacksmithing Only sockets for the Gloves and Wrists will be deactivated with Enforce on and not being a Blacksmith.

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freaky300zx Jan 23, 2011 at 10:25 PM 
im a JC and hastechicken yeah i know it sounds off but you know its what blizzard does anyway i spent a good hour looking for it but couldnt see anyhting in regards to the optimizer not taking into account the bop factor of Figure - jeweled serpent its currently placing 2 of them on my final optimization ive checked settings any1 seen this and know wht im doing wrong