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Rawr.Enhance is a tool to help Enhancement Shamans choose and optimize their gear, from brand new 85s, to endgame raiders.  It incorporates an "Export to EnhSim" ( feature which allows users who want a deeper analysis of their stats to copy n' paste their stats directly into EnhSimGUI.  For the vast majority of users however Rawr.Enhance aims to be more than adequate for their needs.

Current Status

This model is currently non functional, maintained by Timetodance, and you may not rely on it for your gear choices in Mists of Pandaria.

Options Pane

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Known Issues

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Recent Changes

Rawr 4.1.0:
- Fix for display issue on options panel
- Reimplemented Stats Graph
- Fix for Issue 20070: 1% spell hit difference between WoW and Rawr - Display issue only, added Draenei hit check to the tooltip and value
- Migrated to Root
- Further work on Export to EnhSim
- Remove an unused file
Rawr 4.0.20b:
- Gemming templates updated
- Fix for mana regen
- Initial Major Display revamp (many things don't have any values beside them, but the values that do exist are the ones that were there before)
- Clean up of display in-case next release is pushed before my next check-in.
Rawr 4.0.19b:
- The BonusWhiteDamageMultiplier stat application wasn't set correctly
Rawr 4.0.18b:
- Fix for Issue 19581
- Initial work at display revamp
- Fix for Issue 19890: Ignoring custom Boss Level for hit/expertise caps - Enhance was set up to replicate a lot of variables from BossOpts over to duplicate variables in CalcOpts. Removed (almost) all of that and replaced it with actual BossOpts calls. Fire/Nature Resist and Target Groups are still using the bad method and should be fixed
Rawr 4.0.17b:
- Initial work at cleaning up the code
- Export to Enhsim is now working for WPF version. Numbers may be slightly off
- Removal of the 30% boost to hybrid haste
- Added glove tinkers to EnhSim Export
- Further work on getting Enhsim export accurate
- New Export to EnhSim for Silverlight is here!!
Rawr 4.0.16b:
- Daggers aren't relevant items
Rawr 4.0.15b:
- Work for Issue 19414: Models using old crit reductions - Ensured no hardcoded level 85 or 80 numbers for character level were left, all now use the Character.Level at some point or another
- Fix for Issue 19511: Lava Lash CD appears to be too fast - Searched all references for Lava Lash and verified set cooldowns to 10s from 6s
- Work for Issue 19581: Elemental Precision not being factored. Added the necessary mod to the tooltip
Rawr 4.0.14b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.13b:
- Initial work at implementing T11
- Removed T7-T9
- Fix for issue 19428 - hit rating required was using physical not spell hit
Rawr 4.0.12b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.11b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.10b:
- No significant changes

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