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Rawr.Healadin is a tool to help Holy Paladins choose and optimize their gear, from brand new 85s, to endgame raiders.

Current Status

This model is currently partially-functional, consistently maintained by Molotok, and you SHOULD NOT rely on it for your gear choices in Cataclysm.

Current ToDo's

  • Stats graph
  • Add slider bar for crit overheals, so that crit is not over-valued
  • re-organize option pane, make 2nd tab
  • Last Word(0-2) - 30% extra WoG crit per point, when target below 35% health
  • Divine Favor(0-1) - increase haste/crit 20% for 20 secs.  3 min CD
  • Daybreak(0-2) - FoL, DL, HL have 10% chance per point to make next HS not trigger its 6 sec CD.
  • Tower of Radiance(0-3) - healing beacon target with FoL or DL has 33% chance per point of giving a Holy Power
  • Glyph of Divine Favor
  • Avenging Wrath
  • Guardian of Ancient Kings
  • T12 set bonuses
  • Divine Plea: causes 50% heals.
  • Add option to use Crusader Strike for holy power

Options Pane

This section has not yet been written.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section has not yet been written.

Known Issues

There are presently no known major Issues with Healadin.


This section has not yet been written.

Recent Changes

Upcoming patch: (code has been checked in, awaiting next Rawr build)

  • Added the rest of the healing spells
  • Rotation overhaul
  • Gemming template overhaul
  • Implemented most talents / glyphs
  • Added lots of stuff to the options pane
  • T11 set bonuses
  • misc bug fixes


Rawr 4.1.05:

  • Corrected stats (mana, spellpower coeficient, etc) for Flash of Light, Holy Light, Divine Light and Holy Shock
  • Fixed Walk in the Light calculation
  • Removed Divine Favor from crit % calculation. (was always adding 20% rather than dealing with proc chance / duration)
  • Added some of the missing spells, although did not necessarily add them to the rotation

Rawr 4.1.0:
- Task 19775 Completed: Option to not display spirit items should be removed - Removed
- Working Issue 20187: Spirit not a relevant stat - Added Spirit as a relevant stat
Rawr 4.0.20b:
- No significant changes
 Rawr 4.0.19b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.18b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.17b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.16b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.15b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.14b:

- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.13b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.12b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.11b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.10b:
- No Significant Changes

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