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[Retribution] Glyph of Consecration negative DPS


The value of Glyph of Consecration seems to be bugged. If you change the delay setting, it will jump around between negative and positive DPS for every 0.01 second.
Also, why does the Mob type setting affect the value of Glyph of Consecration? Shouldn't setting it to "Undead" just enable Glyph of Sense Undead and let Exorcism always crit?
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Open the attached "Cremor Ret New.xml" file.
  2. Switch to the Glyphs view -> Glyph of Consecration gives negative DPS.
  3. Change the Delay value or Mob type setting -> DPS value of Glyph of Consecration will jump around.
    Rawr 2.3.17
    Windows 7 x64

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Closed May 21, 2010 at 10:19 AM by OReubens
"Working as intended".If it don't, delete your Addon and WTF folder and try again. ;-)


cremor wrote May 20, 2010 at 5:53 PM

I updated the issue with some additional information and a new character XML file.

OReubens wrote May 20, 2010 at 6:41 PM

2) This isn't necessarily wrong from a pure theory P.O.V. A shorter Cons CD means you may be hitting it more and this means you may indeed get more Cons casts over Exo casts. That could be a DPS increase. THe issue to remember is that we're NOT taking this glyph because it increases DPS all on it's own.
We're using it because it saves mana. And without it you'll probably drain your mana faster causing you to cast fewer consecrations. thus reducing dps. Rawr.Ret doesn't model mana usage.

3) Normal. Check the Crusade talent :-) Unless what your seeing in Rawr doesn't match up with that.

cremor wrote May 20, 2010 at 9:55 PM

Crusade talent: Oops! Forgot about that ;-)
But I still don't get it completely. Ok, the GoCons really might be a DPS decrease without mana modelling, but how can the mob type affect the glyph's value in a way that can't be expressed as +x% or -x%?

E.g.: Setting the delay for my character to 0.11 sec gives 1.34 DPS for mob type Undead, but setting it to Humanoid changes the value to -14.68 DPS. Switching from Undead to Humanoid should:
1) Lower the DPS of the GoCons by x% (glyph and talent).
2) Raise the DPS again by some amount, because Exorcism looses value (same x% as for GoCons and additionally doesn't have 100% crit any more).

How can it be better to use Exorcism more often against Humanoids than against Undead?

OReubens wrote May 21, 2010 at 9:44 AM

GoCons - Changing mob type:
Changing humanoid to Undead (or vice versa), this changes because of crusade. It also changes because of glyph of sense undead. It'll also cause Exorcisms to crit (on udnead).
If you have multiple priorities defined, this might be enough to tip the scale and also make you alter the actual rotation you should be using. The change won't be a percentage in that case.

The prob is that you're doing a wrong type comparison that makes no sense.
Using your profile:
With GoCons: the ECD of Cons is 14.68sec
Without GoCons the ECD of Cons is 9.20sec
The ECD's of all the other abilities changes as well. If you want comparisons, you don't look at the value of the glyph in the glyph comparisons (+1.4 and -14.57) and try to make sense of it because it just doesn't work out. you're comparing apples and oranges.

Humanoid (with gocons enabled): Total DPS: 9620
Cons damage: 404
Exo damage: 169

Undead (with gocons enabled): Total DPS: 9762 (difference: 1.01476% which makes for the 1% in sense undead glyph and exo's being guaranteed crits. nothing else changes)
Cons damage: 408 (1% more due to sense undead)
Exo damage: 217 (difference: 1.284021%. Caused by 1% more due to sense undead and 58% more crits on exo (at 50% more damage each)

Conclusion: Nothing wrong here.

Doing a same comparison between the two with GoCons disabled I get the similarly comparable results that make sense.

You're trying to make sense of the DPS variance between two entirely different ability usages for 2 different mob types just by looking at a single number. That's not even comparing apples and oranges, you're comparing an orange against a light blue pocket calculator created by the Ximzoblutzzz aliens from another dimension.

OReubens wrote May 21, 2010 at 10:14 AM

TLDR version:
Using your 'new' profile and changing delay to 0.11

Humanoid with GoCons: 9620DPS (A)
Undead with GoCons: 9762DPS (B)
Humanoid without GoCons: 9634 DPS (C)
Undead without GoCons: 9761 DPS (D)

Comparing A with C (= GoCons value) : A-C = -14DPS this makes sense
Comparing A with B (= change mob type) : B/A = 10147609% (sense undead and 100% exo crit) this makes sense
Comparing B with D (= GoCons value) : B-D = 1 DPS this makese sense
Comparing C with D (= change mob type) : D/C = 10131824% (sense undead and 100% exo crit) this makes sense (it's lower than A with B since Exo ECD is lower here)

A-C (orange)
B-D (light blue pocket calculator from the Ximzoblutzzz aliens from another dimension)

A-C (-14) <--?????---> B-D (1)

Incidently the light blue pocket calculators from the Ximzoblutzzz aliens from another dimension are indeed eddible. They taste a bit like chicken.
Stay away from the dark blue ones, those taste like crap (really).

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