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[Optimizer] Showing lower dps after optimization.


Well, i have used Rawr to come up with the gear i'm currently using. Somehow the same version of Rawr is giving me a downgrade in dps, instead of an upgrade. It's aiming for more AP, instead of hit/crit/haste and showing a lower value on DPS even putting the prismatic gems(which i do not have on my currently gear. Also, it's only selecting 1 prismatic gem, even setting up to use 3.
Oh, setting are the same as i used: aim for dps/hit cap/expertise cap and i double checked to make sure buffs are the same.
Edit: it seems to be a issue with JC's gems, as i am losing dps in some slots when i change from rare to epic JC gems. But even with same gems, i'm getting a 5~ dps loss.

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Closed Dec 23, 2010 at 1:34 PM by OReubens
Rawr.Retribution is 0% ready for cata and unless another dev steps in to work on it, will remain to be in this state until at least end of januari 2011. I can't make any guesses after this since it's highly dependant on decisions being made by management and Q&A at work end of januari.Even if I do get back to a more normal work schedule at that time, actually working on ret and making it cata aware will likely take several weeks more.