I really miss the old rawr. Please.....fix this......please.

I used to use Rawr all the time years ago for setting up my tank perfectly. I have recently gotten back in to it and to my amazement, Rawr was still available. I downloaded it, ran it and............

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Items Not Found on Wowhead

Rawr fetched my PC's gear from the WoW armory, but two items do not have any icons or data, except for the gems in the slots. The gear is for the Paladin Protection spec: the Protector's Trillium...

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i MISS MY cpu, rAW IS A cpu HOG

I have been running this since it was released and this thing didnt used to be such a CPU HOG. What happened to being able to run this and not worry about CPU usage?

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I missed old rawr

I really missed old rawr. This rawr sux. No one bothers to develop. I recieve closure e-mails almost a year later.All I want is working RAWR with protection paladin thats all. We missed you. Gear...

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Hi, Firstly thanks for the release of 5.4 huge relief for me, with the legendary gem i appreciate it is not working but i am unsure what to edit to incorporate the flat 15000 haste on proc to comp...

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Exception after "Load from Battle.Net.."

Rawr-Version: Rawr 5.2.1 Action: Load Character from Battle.Net Armory Loading details: EU - Gilneas - Endî (please note the special "î" - which is a combination of "^"-char and "i"-char) Ex...

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Can't load character

Rawr is getting stuck on something. Please help me figure out what to do!! Char: KevinDGAF Realm: Kel'Thuzad/ Thank you~

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Cha Ye's Trinket??

My mage is on Lightbringer, Callmetimm. I have the LFR version of Cha Ye's, The darkmoon faire trinket upgraded twice, and the shadowpan assault trinket. When I run the optimizer, it is valuing ...

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Optimizer doesn't seem to work

I see, I'll just keep doing it manually. However, the optmizer doesn't seem to work for me, I tried on two different computers with the same character. When I click optimize nothing happens. the a...

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frost mage rating

When I initially load a frost mage file, either existing or download new from Battle.net, gear is ranked by survivability. If I change the mage spec to fire, gear is evaluated for dps, but tier pie...

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