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Tankadin: Block value increasing survival

Topics: Rawr.ProtPaladin
Jun 7, 2009 at 7:24 PM


For prot paladin, I would love to see Rawr counting block value not only into mitigation but also into survival since for tankadin with 100% block chance (essentially all of them) it lowers all hits, same as armor which apears to be too powerfull when compared with block value, which is not correct.

Also it would be very helpfull, if there is possibility to either disable counting BV and armor into survivability, or possibility of setting not olny physical damage, but also some spell hits, because most of encounters have also some magic component and without taking it into account armor looks more powerfull than it in fact is (same would apply for BV if my first suggestion would be accounted for).

Anyway, thanks for great work, [almost ;)] each version I am amazed how much progress you made.