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The Batch Tools

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Aug 27, 2009 at 7:39 AM

I've been playing with the batch tools a bit and have a few questions.  So far I have made a druid and added some gear (the best pre-heroic gear) for kitty DPS.  Then I switched the model to bear and added the best pre-heroic bear gear.   I optimised for bear and saved that as "testbear" then optimised for cat and saved that as "testcat".      Then I opened the batch tools and clicked on the first  "..." box and loaded "testcat" then on the next line I loaded "testbear".

I then did a progressive optimise and it seemed to work well - some of the tanking gear was gemmed/enchanted for DPS as it worked out better than the next best item which is good because I wanted the best kitty gear and then to make a tank set from the rest.


Now, the questions :-

1) Is there somewhere I can get more info on these tools and what they all do because I can only kind of work out what I am doing - it's not very user friendly.

2) If I then got a couple of upgrades, would I need to mark them available in both the testkitty  AND the testbear profiles?  Or is there a way I can use the one profile to optimise for both bear and cat?

3) If I was using it for a different tank, say DK, how do I tell it to optimise with the condition that chance to be crit <0?  Does it just use the most recent optimise setting for that profile?  Is there an easy way to tell which conditions it is optimising for in the Batch tools screen?


The more I play with it the more i'm keen to get it going.  My druid, priest, DK & shammy are all 80 and have duel specs and so far I have been switching between specs and have been marking items with the blue diamond.  But each time I get a new item I optimise for the main spec then have to change all the blue diamonds to that gear and remark some of the others back to green diamonds etc....   The batch tools will save heaps of time :)


With just a little bit more info, i'm sure many more people would use it as well.  Much like the filter system - a page showing the syntax of the commands in the filter system would be good (apologies if it already exists) - I worked it out by examining the in-built filters and copying them.



Aug 27, 2009 at 8:07 AM

Did you see the help doc on Batch Tools?

Aug 27, 2009 at 9:07 AM

It will use the optimization constraints that were last used for that character (they get saved together with the character).

Aug 27, 2009 at 10:05 AM
Astrylian wrote:

Did you see the help doc on Batch Tools?

Sure did.  It allowed me to get as far as I did.    On reading it again now, after I have played with the batch tools a bit more I have realised the answers to some of my questions.   Basically, I have a profile for each of my specs, but only need to mark items/enchants etc as available in the main spec then use the "Set available items" option to propogate them to each profile.  I tried this but it didn't give me any feedback to say it had done anything (probably because I hadn't marked any new items to propogate anyway).

1) Would I be right to assume that it would not be a good idea to have more than one character/class in a particular batch if I am going to be using the progressive optimiser?  So basically have a separate batch for all my dual-spec characters, but I could have a single batch with all my pure DPS characters as I will only be using the optimiser, not the progressive optimiser.

2) In another thread you mentioned being able to give a weighting to a spec and I can see where to do it in the batch tools.  If both have a weighting of 1, does that basically apply the new item to which ever spec it is more of an upgrade for?   If I almost never tank then should I set it much lower to say 0.1 or so (which I think would mean it would have to be 10x more of an upgrade for tanking than it is for kitty).

3) What does the "locked" tick box do?  With it ticked and running an optimise, it still made changes to the gear so i'm a bit confused.

4)  I can't work out what the text box "Single Item Upgrades" does.


Sorry for being a nuisance :)



Aug 27, 2009 at 3:44 PM

RareBeast, I think I can answer some of that.

The available items (for everyone in a Batch or Progressive Optimize) are the items (and gemmings, I believe) that were marked available in the saved version of the first character in the batch (not necessarily the character in your main Rawr window).

For Progressive Optimize, the weights don't matter.  It will make your first batch entry the best in can be.  The second entry will be the best it can be without messing up (regemming or reenchanting) the first entry, and so on down the line.

For Batch Optimize the weights are used.  Rawr will try to maximize (entry1_score * weight1 + entry2_score*weight2 + ...).  For bear/cat the score scales are very different.  My bear overall score is roughly seventy times my cat overall score.  If you wanted to weight a 1% improvement to bear about the same as a 1% improvement to cat, you'd probably want a weight of 1 for bear, and 70 for cat.  Using 1/1 weights, Rawr's Batch Optimize might value Dodge at about seventy times ArPen.

I don't think you want multiple characters in a single Batch or Progressive Optimize, because they'll all end up using the first character's "Available Gear."

Aug 27, 2009 at 11:45 PM

For progressive and batch optimize you should only have profiles that correspond to a single ingame character, for normal optimize it doesn't matter.

The locked box is only used for progressive uptimize (don't recall if it's used for batch optimize or not). What it means is that it will prevent regemming/reenchanting of items used by that character. I use this to avoid change of gems when it's just moving them around. For example when I get new loot I will do a normal optimize on my first character with regemming/reenchanting to find the best gems/enchants for it. I'll then manually check if I can move some things around to minimize gem swaps from what is currently on my gear (hopefully we'll have this step be automated at some point). Then I lock this profile in batch tools and do a progressive optimize with regemming/reenchanting to get the best enchanting/gemming on the rest without messing up gems on the first one.

The Single Item Upgrades can be used to do an equivalent of "Evaluate Upgrade" on a single item, but used on the batch. You can enter either item id or item name.