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Emblem Spending Suggestion Feature

Topics: Rawr.Base.Items, Rawr.Base.Optimizer
Oct 18, 2009 at 6:08 PM

I presently have a spreadsheet that takes my current armor's overall "Rawr" number and then I input the new upgrade from emblems into the spreadsheet with it's number as well as how many of what emblem it costs to obtain that piece.  I do this for every slot with every emblem purchasable item then do the following calculation


(UpgradeItemsRawr - OriginalItemsRawr) / NumberOfEmblems


This tells me how much "bang for the buck" I get out of every emblem spent.  Could this feature be included into Rawr as a report for those who wonder where to spend their emblems based on their current armor?  or is there a feature already in Rawr that I have overlooked that offers this already? It is not difficult to manually copy numbers from Rawr over to my spreadsheet every time I upgrade my armor, but if that step could be eliminated for me and also offer the end result to all Rawr users I think it would be awesome!


By doing this I decided to go with the 50 emblem of triumph Turalyon's Greaves of Conquest for my holy pally over the 75 emblem Turalyon's Greaves of Triumph. 

The 50 emblem ones offered a better amount of increase to my healing per emblem spent! 

Whereas on my shoulders I chose the 45 emblem of triumph Mantle of the Groundbreaker over 30 emblems of triumph for Turalyon's Spaulders of Conquest.

Overall I am very pleased with the results I am having using Rawr to evaluate gemming/enchants and gear upgrades for my characters!

Oct 18, 2009 at 7:36 PM

Almost. I'd suggest using the Build Upgrade List feature, because that will accurately tell you the upgrade value of each item. That's the number you want to divide by its emblem cost.

We don't quite want Rawr to do the division by emblem cost, because we'd like to do it in a more general fashion; a user-defined cost per item, in whatever unit they want. Be it emblems, DKP, gold, time spent grinding rep, etc. That idea is a ways off, but something that's on our minds, for sure.