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Death Knight tank

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Feb 1, 2010 at 10:25 AM

I am completely new to DK system, so I d like to ask something.... Didn t find any simillar discusion.

Death Knights in RAWR seems to be designed only for Stamina gems and items. Even if you are under Defence Capacity, it says that it s much better to get +24 stamina (blue) gem then for example +12 stamina +8 dodge (purple = red, right one to the socket), which would mean you will get +6 stamina per socket bonus and gain +18 stamina +8 dodge vs +24 stamina.


Thep oint is, is this correct ? Are DKs just mana pits, with 60k hp where you get hit with every second hit for 30 ? (Just example)


Why isn t mittigation (parry, dodge...) above survival (stamina...) ?

Feb 1, 2010 at 5:12 PM

On some level, this is true, DKs feel "squishier" than our shield-bearing brethren.  I have heard this from all of my healers, even when comparing with similarly or slightly less geared Pally tanks in my guild.  That's not to say that STA is the end-all-be-all.  The default formula's that I'm using do not mathematically work out defense as being required before going on.  So in order to gear that way, you want to enter in the optimizer: "% Chance to be Crit <= 0" as a secondary option.  Also I would like you to look at the mouse-over tool tips for different scores: Survival, Mitigation, and Threat. 

Survival speaks to you should have "enough" of this so that you don't die too quickly.  Generally this is how much unmitigated damage you could take before dying.

Mitigation is how you avoid/mitigate damage, and depending on the volume and types of damage that are coming in, will determine what will help here.  This is how you extend your time to live.  When the experimental switch is enabled, this number looks at first glance, really low.  The difference is that in the experimental code, this is Average Damage Mitigated Per Second.   It is now at the same scale as Threat, but that makes it look low compared to survival, since most tanks can handle 3-6+ seconds of being beat on by the boss before dying.   I'll be adding a time multiplier for this value in a near future release to help balance it out. 

There is no right answer for how much survival vs. mitigation you need, and in what forms.  Some may prefer to stack mitigation, others esp. at EJ say that Stamina/survival is the only thing to stack.  Some like the main tank in my guild, mix it up.  That is why there are so many ways to tweak the kinds of numbers in the TankDK module.  Each adjustment means something real or representative for changing conditions in the game.