Rawr Addon - How to use.

Welcome to the Rawr Addon page. The Rawr addon is designed to allow you to export your character data to Rawr, to use Rawr to optimise your character then to import the results back in game to assist in updating your gear and to alert you when upgrades drop.

Once installed you should first ensure the config options are setup correctly - this is especially important for non US realms as the default region is US and this will need to be changed for your region. You can view detailed instructions here. You can also configure various other settings using the config menu.

Rawr Button on Character Sheet
Opening your character sheet shows the Rawr button bottom left. As you can see from the tooltip you can left click to Export data to Rawr and right click to open the Rawr Character Sheet. Click the links for further information.
The idea is you export your data into Rawr then either play around with the setup yourself or Run the Optimiser then once you are finished you can import the results back into Rawr.Addon so that the game can use the information to alert you to upgrades.

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