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Rawr.Hunter is a tool to help Hunters choose and optimize their gear, from brand new 85s, to endgame raiders.

Current Status

This model is currently non-functional, is looking for a developer and you should not rely on it for your gear choices in Cataclysm.

Options Pane

This section has not yet been written as Hunter is in considerable new development for Cataclysm. Once it reaches Mostly Functional status, we will fill in this section.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section has not yet been written.

Known Issues

There are presently no known major Issues with Hunter. Please see the Issue Tracker for any new issues that have been opened since this writing.


Before creating an issue regarding the Hunter model, please verify that the following has been done:

  1. Enforce Gem Requirements is Checked in Options > Edit Options. Meta's need their blue gems!
  2. All of your gear is marked as available for the Optimizer per this page.
  3. You have not marked too much gear as this slows things down. Fishing Hats should be left off!
  4. You have gone to the Buffs Tab and marked the Buffs that you usually run with. A 10 man should have about 60% coverage and a 25 man would be about 90-100% coverage.
  5. You have gone to the Options Tab, found the Pet Buffs Tab and marked buffs for your Pet (note that many buffs don't show on this pane as they are provided by the Hunter instead).
  6. You are importing a Level Capped Character (presently 85)
  7. You have gone to the Options Tab, Rotations Sub-Tab and selected your Shot Priority Rotation (there are presets for different builds, new presets are coming and the ability to save your custom ones will also come in future versions)
  8. You have gone to the Options Tab, Pet Talents Sub-Tab and selected your Pet Family and their respective talents

Recent Changes

Rawr 4.2.7:
- Ok... MM is generating some numbers.  Not the greatest, and there's quite a few things missing.  But I'm comfortable with this seed.  Stupid weird implementation of flags in C# causing me no end of trouble, but it's handled now and I'm able to move forward.

Rawr 4.2.x:


Rawr 4.1.0:
- Updated basic Pet stats (Health, AP, Armor, Crit should be correct)
- Sgen for Hunter project
- Removed the PetBuffSeletor UI and back end. This was removed for Cata
- More updates to Pet stats
- More work on calculations
- Updated Gemming template with Cogwheel info
Rawr 4.0.20b:
- Updated Talents and Glyph information for hunters
- Numbers pass on all shots. Still need more work with integration using Focus
- Tons of Refractoring
- Added gemming templates
- Mastery and Specialization have rudimentory settings set up
- Cleaned up several Basic stats (RAP and Health should be correct or within a few points of live)
- Continued work on shot information
- Started work on pet basic stats
Rawr 4.0.19b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.18b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.17b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.16b:
- No significant changes
Rawr 4.0.15b:
- HunterEnums Updated, new spells added, old spells removed. Update all references
- Refactor ManaCost -> FocusCost
- Update Base DMG / Cooldown of existing Spells
- Added Cobra 2 Shots
- Remove Some Mana Infos From Display
- Some refactoring MPS -> focus per second
Rawr 4.0.14b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.13b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.12b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.11b:
- No Significant Changes
Rawr 4.0.10b:
- No Significant Changes

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